Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10mm High Elf Chariots

G'day to whoever likes to wargame in 10mm,

Today I thought I'd show off my High Elf chariots that I have just finished.  I have been play testing them in my new game system, so I decided to paint up several types, including Orc and Gobiln chariots.

As you can see they are not based on Games Workshop's Warmaster system.  This is intentional because, personally, I think that the Warmaster system, although an excellent system, forces you to buy more figures due to there basing system.  So I decided to keep to the Wargames Research Group's (WRG) standard of 40mm base frontage.  This allows me to use less figures to the same game effect with respect to model representation.  So, here is my first unit of Elven Chariots bases on 40mm x 40mm bases:

High Elf chariots

In a day or two I will post pics of my Heavy Elven chariots and my 10mm Lion Chariots of Chrace.  That's right, you read correctly!

 Farewell until next time,


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