Friday, October 13, 2017

Terrain for Infinity - Hombi GT READY!

Hi everyone,

At last I have finished painting up the Hombi GT.  I took some inspiration from the cover artwork and added some personal touches as well.

The whole thing was painted by brush.  Since this is a hippy space car, I wanted the hand-painted theme to it.  Airbrushing in my opinion would not have brought out the character.

That is a nice conclusion to this project.  As always I will have more next week, I just don't know what to do next?.  Until then farewell and good health everyone.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Terrain for Infinity - Hombi GT pt 2

Hi everyone,

This post continues last week's Hombi project for Infinity, as well as any other Sci-Fi game out there.

I also tried placing two models in the vehicle just to try it out.  I think the Hombi is an excellent piece of inter-active terrain and I can already imagine several scenarios that will allow the models to carry out missions by activating the vehicle.

After building up the body and the chassis, the next step was to paint up the interior.  The colours are not very fancy, but I did go a bit overboard with the seats - and this was on purpose.
I also decided to add some putty to the front and back lights.  Once again this gives the vehicle that little extra three dimensional look.  I also went around sealing gaps with putty in order to tie the model together.

The last step for this post was to start painting up the base colours for the exterior.  As is typical of me, I went with the same colour scheme as the artwork.

That is all this week.  Next week will be the last post for this project and this little space hippy car should be ready.  Until then farewell and good health everyone.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Terrain for Infinity - Hombi GT pt 1

Hi everyone,

Today I start another small project.  I have decided to build a MDF vehicle, and I chose the Hombi-GT from Miniature Scenery.

The build in itself is quite easy and straight forward.  The fitting is good and most part fit snugly enough, but sometimes needed extra sanding in order to fit properly.

I decided to flesh out the seats with putty, in order to give them a bit more of a 3D look.  I also went ahead and base-coated the metallic parts of the vehicle.

That is all this week.  As always I will have more next week.  Until then farewell and good health everyone.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Terrain for Infinity - Planters

Hi everyone,

Well after building the containers from Plastcraft, I was left with a lot of spare parts.  Instead of throwing these parts away I decided to use them in a small side project.

From these bits and pieces I decided to construct some planters for Infinity.
With the help of a bit of styrene strips and some air-drying clay I managed to build up 4 large planters.
The last step was to paint the planters up and add - plants!  Fortunately I have a lot of plastic aquarium plants at home. A few choice cuts ended up in a nice urban selection.
So there you have it!  Several planters for the price of 4 strips of styrene and some clay.

Well I hope you like the results.  Join me next week for more table top modeling.

Farewell and good heath!


Friday, September 1, 2017

Terrain for Infinity - Cargo Containers pt2

Hi everyone,

I am back with part two of this little terrain project for Infinity.
So - after highlighting the containers and adding the decals, the next step was to add weathering - a lot of weathering.

This took the form of adding scratches with sponges and brushes, adding lowlights and washes, and edge highlights.  It was a long process because I did all the containers in one go over several sittings.  It was a tough job, but I got it done in the end.

I added one of my mighty Djanbazan for scale purposes.  I think the smaller crates  look really nice - especially the yellow ones.

I end this project with a group shot of all my cargo containers.  I think they will add a lot to my games on several levels.  I hope you like them too.

Join me again net week for some more tabletop hobby!  Until then farewell and good health to one and all.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Terrain for Infinity - Cargo Containers pt1

Hi everyone,

So I am currently playing two games - Infinity and Saga.  I am enjoying these games a lot for different reasons.  Saga is easy, fast, low rule maintenance, requires about 40 figures - yet very strategic.

Infinity on the other hand is very detailed, with a lot of micro-management, highly strategic and tactical which requires a lot of dedication, and only a handful of models - nonetheless it is highly enjoyable and rewarding.

What is missing in both these games when I play is adequate terrain.  To remedy this I have embarked on a personal campaign/crusade/jihad to remedy this situation for both these games.

Today I start with Infinity, because it is the game that really needs a lot of terrain to really function as designed.

My first phase in this project was to acquire and paint up some scatter terrain.  Scatter terrain really brings out the tactical element of the system and allows you to use skills and equipment which make your models more effective on the gaming table.

The first subject I worked on were some cargo containers from Plastcraft.  These are foam card (I  think) containers that come in flat-packs and need to be assembled.

Assembly is easy enough and they readily stick together with the application of superglue.

The next step was to prime them.  I did this in batch with black Vallejo primer.
After that, I gave all the containers a different colour scheme, as well as highlights. I forgot to mention that all this is done with an airbrush - just to clarify.

The containers still did not look right, but I knew what was missing - advertisements!  I had some transfers from an old truck model laying around, so I decided to use them on this project.

That's all for today.  Next week I will conclude this two part post on containers and more on to more Infinity terrain.  Farewell and good health everyone.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: Shield Maidens FINISHED!

Hi everyone,

The last post of this series - YAHOO!  As you can see my viking force is now ready.
I chose two new figures to replace the other two with horned and winged helmets.

The first was from a company called BAD SQUIDDO and the other was another scratch built figure from a naked nymph from FOUNDRY MINIATURES.

The one with the spear is the one I scratch built and the other is the one I bought.

Below is a quick photo collage of the procedure the scratch built figure went through.
I really like how the work turned out in the scratch built figures.  Below is a photo of how they turned out side by side.

Next week I will post something a bit different.  So see you in seven.



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