Friday, November 17, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 3 : The Nasmats

Hi everyone,

If there is one type of game profile in Haqqislam that I really have found useful are the Nasmats.  For only 3pts they functionally offer another expendable doctor or engineer to the game.

I have come to use them often especially in 300pt games, but enough talk, let us get to the miniatures.  Well the figures are relatively small, so I decided to paint them up together.  First I put on the basic colors as neatly as possible, then I gave them a dark brown enamel wash.

The last step was to highlight and shade.  I finished these in just two one hour sessions.  I think the results are good and presentable and I can't wait to field them again in glorious technicolor!

That's all for this week.  As for next week's topic who knows?  You'll just have to pop in in seven!  Until then farewell and good health as always.


Friday, November 10, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 3 : The Naffatun part 2

HI everyone,

Well the Naffatun are now ready for battle with a nice new job!  It is a pity I can not use them in my current sectorial armies for Haqqislam, namely the Hassassin Bahram and the Qapu Khalqi.

So I painted up these two together.  The male has the heavy flamer and the female the lighter one.  The fact that the male trooper's face is covered helps speed up the painting.

Now that these are ready, I will take a short break from painting miniatures to avoid burnout and focus on some terrain.

Therefore next week I will continue with some scatter terrain for Infinity.  Until then farewell and good health.


Friday, November 3, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 3 : The Naffatun part 1

Hi everyone,

The Naffatun are some of Haqqislam's best cheap troopers.  There are two types; one with rifle and heavy flame thrower and the other with rifle and light flame thrower.
I find them invaluable when fighting the Aleph and their cursed toys like the ODD and Eclipse grenades.
I bought the box, but I am only going to paint two out of four for the meantime.  I will leave the colour scheme as the box art. I find it easier to just copy a very good colour scheme rather than rack my brains to come up with an original one.

Once again I will not go into the painting as I have done this many times before for this faction, but I would like to mention that I enjoyed painting the orange band along their arms.  I find that this really helps to distinguish them from normal Ghulam troopers.

So next week I will continue with the Naffatun.  Until then farewell and good health to you all.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 3 : The Azra'ils part 2

Hi everyone,

First of all I apologize for the late post.  Unfortunately, life is a real thing! Today I continue with another short post.  As the title states, I have continued to work on the Azra'il models.  Today I am working on the second Azra'il with the Feuerbach gun.
The painting method is identical to the first, except that this model does not have a shield like the first.

I think these models look cool, even though they are not stars on the gaming table, but for economical  support heavies, they do their job - but only that!

Nonetheless I have enjoyed painting them and playing with them, but have yet to field both of them in a single game - I guess I will have to try it out!.

Next week I will start the flame-throwing Naffatun, until then farewell and good health to all.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 3 : The Azra'ils part 1

Hi everyone,

So from today I am going back to work on some of my Infinity miniatures - namely Haqqislam!

For anyone who has been following this blog, you know that this is the third phase of my Haqqislam project.  For this phase I chose another ten figures to paint up.  This time around, my choice depended on figures I am currently playing.

The line up are both Azra'ils, two Naffatun, two Ghulam with missile launcher and heavy machine gun, two Nasmat remotes, a Hunzakut and Leila Sharif.

On this post I will start with the Azra'ils, simply because I really like the models.  Game-wise, they are not very good unless you are playing with the Qapu Khali Sectorial Army.  Point for point, the Al Fasids are a better buy by far, but the Azra'ils are cheaper for what they do and I am trying to make them work in my force.

So to begin I gave them an undercoat followed by a base-coat and then I airbrushed the highlights on. At this point, I worked on both of them, but I decided to go one at a time from this point on.
The next step was to paint on the details like the flesh, the gun metal and the red parts of the armour.  This is probably the most time consuming part of the whole process.
At this point I start with the the lowlights; adding shades with washes - followed by extra highlights on the top-most parts of the model.  The final job was on the metal.  This also is a very laborious endeavor that took a lot of time to finish.

The model is now finally done to a very good tabletop level and I am quite happy with it.  I painted up the machine gunner first because I prefer him to the Feuerbach gunner in game terms - but they are both great looking models though.

Below are a few extra shots of the finished Azra'il with the other Azra'il that I will continue in the next post.

So until next week, farewell and good health to one and all.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Terrain for Infinity - Hombi GT READY!

Hi everyone,

At last I have finished painting up the Hombi GT.  I took some inspiration from the cover artwork and added some personal touches as well.

The whole thing was painted by brush.  Since this is a hippy space car, I wanted the hand-painted theme to it.  Airbrushing in my opinion would not have brought out the character.

That is a nice conclusion to this project.  As always I will have more next week, I just don't know what to do next?.  Until then farewell and good health everyone.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Terrain for Infinity - Hombi GT pt 2

Hi everyone,

This post continues last week's Hombi project for Infinity, as well as any other Sci-Fi game out there.

I also tried placing two models in the vehicle just to try it out.  I think the Hombi is an excellent piece of inter-active terrain and I can already imagine several scenarios that will allow the models to carry out missions by activating the vehicle.

After building up the body and the chassis, the next step was to paint up the interior.  The colours are not very fancy, but I did go a bit overboard with the seats - and this was on purpose.
I also decided to add some putty to the front and back lights.  Once again this gives the vehicle that little extra three dimensional look.  I also went around sealing gaps with putty in order to tie the model together.

The last step for this post was to start painting up the base colours for the exterior.  As is typical of me, I went with the same colour scheme as the artwork.

That is all this week.  Next week will be the last post for this project and this little space hippy car should be ready.  Until then farewell and good health everyone.



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