Saturday, January 14, 2017

Merkava Diorama - Part 7 The Figures

Hi everyone,

So I am  finally back to finish this diorama - which let's face it - is very long overdue.  The problem I had this time was the figures.

The figures I originally bought for it were slightly on the larger side of the 1/72 scale and also periodically much latter than the Merkava 1.  With the building on the smaller side of the 1/72 scale, everything seemed a bit off.  Therefore I decided to hold off the work until I found models that were more appropriate for my needs.

The models I bought belong to a company called Ceasar Miniatures.  They are made of plastic and are mostly used for gaming rather than modelling.  The quality is average, but the size and period are closer to my needs.
At this point, I took what I could find.  I just wanted this diorama finished so I could move on to a new project. On the bright side the box did contain two models of a soldier frisking a civilian which was perfect for the scene.  So everything was not that gloomy. 

Besides the two models mentioned above, I picked another two models to a total of four.  I think this is enough to get the story through - by the way, I have decided to name this diorama On Patrol.

After spending several hours cleaning the models, carefully removing the bases, pinning them to paperclip rods and priming for defects. I began the paint work.
As always I block out the colours to see the overall effect and look of the paint scheme.  Everything seemed OK.  So I gave myself the go ahead to paint on!.
At least now the work is under way and hopefully I will be able to finalize this diorama once and for all in the coming fortnight.

Until then farewell and good health to everyone.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Bear Clan: - Part 4 Finished

Hi everyone,

So I have finally finished my first new unit for my Sylvan Army in decades!  I am extremely happy with my new found dedication to getting things done.  I hope this work-drive does not die out in the new year.

So all I had left to paint up was the leader.  This is a somewhat popular miniature among Wood Elf players, but hardly ever showed up in its own unit.  That changes today!

I painted this up over the period of two days.  I chose earth colours as a palette because I wanted him to blend in and not stand out.  I have more or less achieved that.

In my last post on this project I forgot to show an update of the ancient werebear I converted.   Here are some pictures of the chap up close. I gave him a different colour, but I stuck with the same colour for the armour and shield as the other werebear in the unit.

Afterwards, all I had to do was attach them to the base, paint the base green and flock it.  I made a small mistake here.  I should have painted the base a darker green - or at least a shade of green that is darker than the flock.  The shade I chose was very light and you can really see it on close inspection.  A bit irritating, but it serves as a lesson for the future.

Nonetheless, I am really, really liking this unit and cannot wait to field it on the tabletop!
The next unit I will build up is either an elf archer regiment or the Boar Clan unit - a tough choice.  I only have one unit of archers, so this choice would be more out of necessity than pure choice.  I will start posting up progress posts as soon as I decide.

Next week I might post something different like Vikings or a Diorama. I will have to see what takes my fancy!

Until then farewell and good health.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Another Round of New Year's Resolutions

Hi everyone,

I am back with a new set of resolutions and a plan to put them into motion...again.  I say again because for the previous two years I have actually managed to keep the resolutions I made. 
Last year I focused on building armies and I managed to complete my Algoryn force, the first phase of my Sylvan army and I am currently working on phase two and I managed to nearly finish off all of my 6 point Viking army for Saga.  A substantial amount when you factor in the free time I actually have.

This year I will do things a little differently.  I want this year to be the year of the diorama, so I will try to finish at least 4 dioramas or vignettes this year.  That will be my main focus this year.
On the army building side, I just want to complete the armies of games I am currently playing.  This means I have to continue the last push on my Vikings and start working on my Normans for Saga with the intent of completing the army before next December.
Last year I sold off my Algoryn and bought into Warmahordes with Skorne.  Coming the next errata this January I plan to learn this game and get some games in.  That also means building up a small and viable force.  So get ready to see some Skorne later on this year as well.

If I can, I also want to start working of my US forces for Konflikt'47.  This is a game I want to start playing.  I chose this system over Dust because I can change to Bolt Action if I get tired of Weird World War.
I also want to put some time aside to play more games.  During the last two years I have been a bit gaming-deprived and that needs to change.  So this year I want to try and get at least one game a month in.  That is a total of twelve games - I think I can manage that.

So that is all.  Those are my plans and I plan to dive straight in.  Until this coming Saturday, farewell and good health.


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone

Hi everyone,

Well, another year has gone by and to be honest it was a pretty shitty one - at least from where I am standing.  The only good thing in 2016 was the hobby in general.
This year had great miniatures, great games, great Kickstarters and great modeling and paint jobs.  If it was not for the hobby, 2016 would be nearly at the top of the other terrible years since the new millennium.

Despite it all, I am feeling positive for 2017!  I feel it will unlock even greater goals for the hobby in general and myself personally.  This year I have also managed to continuously post on a weekly basis nearly without fail.  I will try my utmost to keep the trend going.

So let me wish you all a happy new year from the bottom of my heart.  My your lives be full of joy and good health.  So until we meet again in the coming year - I bid you all farewell!


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Day, Wish you I Do!

Hi everyone,

I don't celebrate Xmas, but I felt that I needed to wish everyone in our little wargaming and model building community a happy festive season.
I hope you all enjoy this day with your loved ones and receive a lot of games and models as presents for Xmas.

Also if your haven't seen Rogue One, then make it a Xmas resolution and go see it!

Till next week, farewell, good health and a cheery 25th,


Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Bear Clan: - Part 3

Hi everyone,

I have now finished the painting on the were bears.  While the bears were painted in slightly different shades of medium brown, I painted the were-bears tan and black in order to make stick out, but first I had to prime the models a neutral gray and check if there were any problems with the modeling.

The procedure for the painting was basically the same as the normal bears, but with a different colour tone.  I added some bronze metallic to the armour and rims as well.  I figured bronze would suite their culture better.

I kept the shields the same colour to show that they are from the same clan or family.  I also tried to add some more white to the werebear with the spear to indicate and older and wiser bear.

After painting, I tend to glue the miniatures directly to the multi-base.  This case was not an exception.   I also puttied up the ground work around them and painted the base green.
Next post I think I will start the leader unless I start/continue something else.  I will just have to see.  Until then farewell and good health as always.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Bear Clan: - Part 2

Hi everyone,

I am back with more work on the Bear Clan.  The first figures I decided to paint up are the rank and file bears - if that makes any sense!

These were frankly very easy to paint up and they were ready in an afternoon.
The painting was quick and fun.

Basically, I gave them the base coat, then a darker wash.  After which I dry-brushed them twice with successively lighter shades.  The last step was to add shadows with watered down dark brown and black - and viola a horde of bears!

The models were glued onto the multi-base and I added putty for the ground work basis.  I am really getting fond of this unit.
I also finished the conversion work on the were-bears.  I found some old 54mm scale Celtic shields from an old plastic Celtic set.  I think the set was an Italieri infantry set.  The bottom line is that they fit very nicely with the were-bears.

The conversion work has established two different characters for the were-bears.  One is a warrior in his prime, while the other is older but with a lot of fight in him yet.  Now I just have to paint them up

Until next time, farewell and good health.



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