Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Last Two Algoryn Squads

Hi everyone,

So I am on my last two units for my Algoryn Combat Force. The first are the Targeter Probes, and the second are the stalwart AI squad.  I am still working on these.
So I will begin with the targeter probes.  I have to be honest and say these are some of the worst castings I have seen in a long time!  The amount of flash and misalignment - for lack of a better technical term - is astounding. Astounding because in this day and age of our hobby, I have not seen such bad castings since the eighties.

Nonetheless, I have bought them and I resigned to painting them, simply because I did not want to buy another blister pack.  This models are solely for gaming and their paint job reflects this.

Don't get me wrong, I really like the concept of drones for a futuristic setting, but I prefer the plastic drones of the Concord, which are much more cleaner.

Next up are the AI Squad. These figures on the other hand I like - and a lot.  Unfortunately, there are only 5 different models which can only be diversified by changing heads. Once again their are only 3 different heads, so the variation is slim.  Hopefully in the future, things will change with more plastics for the Algoryn.

Below, I have a small and short tutorial about how I go about speed painting them.  First I give them a good medium grey primer, after which I paint up the basic colours as neat as possible.  The less colour variation - the faster the process.

The next step is to give them an enamel or oil wash.  I prefer enamel as it dries faster.Don't over do it, and try just to direct the paint into the seems.  I went a bit overboard, simply because the Algoryn armour is a mass over overlapping plates.  This makes selective washes time consuming.
When the paint is dry, all you have to do is dip a q-tip slightly into odourless spirit, and gently wipe off the excess from the higher surfaces leaving the wash in the grooves.  At this stages I even tend to play with them, as they are more or less presentable, but I always go back to highlighting them.
For next week, I will go through the last of the steps.  Until then farewell and good health.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Algoryn Plasma Cannon Support Ready

Hi everyone,

I have finally finished my last support choice - the mighty Plasma Cannon! With this unit ready I am only two units away from completing my Algoryn project.  I am also happy to say that this blister pack came with the correct drone type!

This is probably my favourite model in all my force and I took a bit more time with it and added some shadows to bring it out a bit. The normal 'highlight' lining and wash was just not enough to do this little gem justice.

Just like the rest of my finished units, I will be basing the unit when I have painted everything up.

Next up are the Targeter Drones, a small unit but useful if you have points to spare.  I will also post some updates on the the second AI squad (which is also the last unit).

Until then, farewell and good health.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Warlord Games' New Offer

Hi everyone,

Lately, I have been working exclusively on my Algoryn AI force for Beyond the Gates of Antares (BTGOA), and one of the things that annoys me is the way the miniatures are sold.

First, they packaged the miniatures in squads of five, but when they released the official book, squads were fixed at five miniatures which could be increased to eight.

After a while, they increased the box packaging to seven models instead of eight and I do not understand why?  After which, they made an offer to buy single miniatures directly from their site!

This irritates me a bit.  Why did they not just repackage everything straightaway with eight models?  This way they would be giving us the option to field a squad anywhere between half and full strength.

I will buy several of these single miniatures to round up my squads, but I find it all bit silly.  Warlord Games have several ex-GW management working with them who should remember how angry these type of things made their customers.  I think this is bad market policy, especially when they have several competitors already on the market, as well as Mantic with the products from their successful Warpath Kickstarter coming soon.

I hope this is not just a market ploy or strategy. I also hope they just repackage the squads with the option to buy an eight man squad straightaway. Also, why did they not opt for selling Algoryn spotter drones as single figures, or better still, include them in the squad box!

That is all for now.  Rant over! Farewell and good health as always.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Algoryn Infiltrators ready for Battle!

Hi everyone

This month is unexpectedly turning into one dedicated to Beyond the Gates of Antares.  Well, to keep up the trend, today I am posting my finished unit of Algoryn AI Infiltrators - or as I call them 'the deadly ladies of the Clan of the White Arm'.

As you can see from the photo I departed slightly from the normal 'white arm' scheme, and went ahead and painted them green and violet brown.

I don't think they would have looked convincing as an infiltrator squad with glaringly obvious white armour parts.  I leave such paraphernalic paint schemes for the 'in your face' line troops.

Since I needed something to tie them into the army, I decided to paint their mag repeaters in the same colour as the rest of the troops. This way the gun colour gives the impression that they belong.

I am currently working on the plasma canon support unit, but in the meantime I have started assembling and cleaning up my last Algoryn unit.  They are a basic Algoryn AI squad. I had bought two extra figures to bring the unit up to seven, but now you can buy a basic box of these figures with seven minis already inside.

This will be my second AI unit and all my current Algoryn force will be painted up. Then I will concentrate on basing the whole army.

That is basically it for this week. Until net time, farewell and good health to all.


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Algoryn Support Units Painted Up

Hi everyone,

I have finished my Algoryn Support units.  They include the X-Launcher and the Mag Light Support with two troopers each.

These are the miniatures I had so much trouble with due to a stupid mistake from my part.  I gave them a wash of Engine Oil instead of a Dark Brown enamel wash.  Engine oil dries glossy and remains sticky where it accumulates.  Naturally I had to clean them up without damaging the colours beneath.  Well to cut a long story short, with the help of ear cleaners, mineral spirits, a good audio-book and a lot of patience I managed to clean them up pretty well.

As you can see from the first picture, I was given a targeter probe instead of a spotter drone with the Mag Light Support blister pack.  I already need 3 more spotter drones for my all AI squads, now I need another for this unit.  I will have to write to Warlord Games to see if they sell spotter drones separately.

I have now started to paint up my last support unit: the Plasma Cannon Support unit.  A nice bulky piece of equipment which I think I will put a bit more work into.

While I am painting that up, I will also start painting up a unit of Targeter Drones.  These are an Auxiliary Choice and they give units advantages in shooting, but at a price!  I will go into the merits of the units later on in separate posts.

Well that is all for now.  Next post will be a date with the deadlier sex of the Algoryn force. 

Farewell and good health.


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Algoryn AI Assault Squad Finished

Hi everyone,

I have finally finished the Algoryn AI Assault Squad, except for he bases which I will do all in one go when all the force is painted up.

I had a small problem with this unit as I tried giving it a black oil wash which took several days to dry in this cold and humid weather.  The problem solved itself overtime and I quickly painted the last steps up to tabletop standard like the rest of the force.

I am quite happy with how they turned out.  On hindsight, I would have done things differently, but as they are only gaming pieces I tend not to care or fret much about how they turned out. As long as they are presentable, all is good.

I was currently working on the support troops, but instead of a brown enamel wash I gave them an enigine oil wash instead!  They ended up all glossy and sticky! I swear I did not notice what I was doing at the time.  Probaly because I as so tired out with work.

Anyway, putting aside all the bad luck I have had with these miniatures, I was determined not to waste time. So while I was cleaning these figures up with mineral spirits, I started working on the Algoryn AI Infiltrator Squad.

These are the deadly females of Algoryn society and apparently they are no less dangerous or warlike than their male counterparts - cool!

I decided that I wanted a more military look as opposed to the paraphernalia style of the AI Line troops or the terror invoking aspect of the AI Assault troops. So I went with a military green.  I think that it will suit their style of combat on the tabletop. I will have to see if they work or not.

Well, that is all for the first post of 2016.  Hopefully I will be back with the support troops next post.  So farewell and good health to one and all from your friendly neighbourhood modeller and gamer,


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Explosive New Year with Algoryn Support!

Hi everyone,

I am back before the new year to wish you all - well - a Happy New Year!  I wont manage to write another post before then due to work, so now is my only chance.

On the last post I was working on my Algoryn AI Assault troops, but I had to stop for a few days.  I had the bright idea to give them a black oil paint wash, but in this cold and humid weather they are taking their fine time to dry.

Therefore I launched myself on another two small units, namely the Algoryn X-Launcher and Mag Light Support units.  They are both support choices in the army lists. They come in blister packs and are made up exclusively of metal except for the bases - like most of Warlord's Sci-fi range.

Like all the Algoryn models that I have worked on till now, they did have issues with flash lines and take some cleaning to be presentable.  Having said that, I did not go into too much trouble as these models are purely for gaming and I don't wont to get bogged down in cleaning.  I just hope they make these in plastic one day.

After putting everything together I noticed that I was given a targeter drone instead of a spotter drone with one of the packs.  I admit this kind of pisses me off, since spotter drones are not sold separately and I do need a few for my units!

After putting everything together I started with the basic colours.  I decided to paint up these guys in the colours of the Clan of the White Arm, with only minor differences to denote the field role.  

Basically I just painted their face white and the control unit on their left arm cavalry red like the all the guns in the force.

The last picture is a comparison of how the model starts off with its basic colours, and how it ends up after washes and highlights.  I think it is a good and presentable tabletop standard.  

For the last time this year, farewell and good heath and thank you from the heart for popping by, and taking a look. 

God bless you all!



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