Friday, May 26, 2017

The Normans: The Warlords

Hi everyone,

As I continue to assemble my Normans for Saga, I am bringing you my two warlords for this faction.  Unlike the Vikings, Norman warlords can be mounted or dismounted.  I have prepared both types for my faction.

Overall, it is more advantageous if they are mounted, because you get more benefits when rolling Saga dice, but sometimes when facing shooty-armies you might want to consider the dismounted version.

So the first up is the mounted warlord.  I have mounted him on a 60mm base.  This is the maximum legal size for a mounted warlord in the game.  It also follows the philosophy I have taken up of mounting all these models for Saga on the maximum sized bases.  The figures were bought from the Foundry Miniatures and sculpted by Matthew Bickley from Casting Room Miniatures.

With the base this big, it opened up the opportunity of making a small vignette with three figures.  The warlord is obviously the mounted and with him he has two retainers.  The first is drawing his weapon and the other is wounded.  I think this really gives the subject interest and depth.

The second Warlord follows suit from my Viking warlord with two miniatures on a 40mm base.  These miniatures were bought in a pack of four from Gripping Beast. They are called the Norman Duke Retinue and they are very nice miniatures in my opinion.

I did have to do some modifications to the standard bearer in order to strengthen the grip on the banner and I also changed the sword-hand.  Nothing serious, just nitpicking!
So that is all.  I know, it was short and sweet, but that is all I can manage for this week unfortunately.  Until next time farewell and good health to one and all.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Hirdmen FINISHED

Hi everyone,

Another unit done!, and therefore half this project is in effect done!  This means I now only have the Shield Maidens to work on.
Like the previous post, I also deliberately painted the two below together, for the same reason I painted the first two together.  They are more or less similarly dressed.

I really like the shield transfers from Little Big Men Studios.  They can be a bit tricky to apply at first, with their adhesive system, but after two or three major failings I finally got the hang of it and I now have developed a trusty system to apply them.  Other than that, the transfers offer an ideal way to distinguish the Vikings between warriors and hearthguard.

Finishing a unit is always satisfying, but it always leaves me in doubt to what start next.  You will just have to wait and see I guess.  Till next week, farewell and good health to one and all.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Hirdmen pt.2

Hi everyone,

Another quick post this week. So, I have finished the first two minis in this unit of Hirdmen.  I also added the shield transfers and painted the ground work.

I did these two together because they are similarly dressed.  I have a healthy habit of doing this, as I see it speeds up my painting (which isn't very fast and wont win me any speed-painting competitions).

Well, this was quick and painless!  Come back next week to see the completion of this unit.  Until then farewell and good health.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Hirdmen pt.1

Hi everyone,

So I am back with the second phase of my Viking project.  This phase includes only two units, a unit of 4 Hirdmen, which are elite Hearthguard (as the title suggest) and a unit of Shield Maidens which will be a unit of 8 female warriors.

Today, I will start with the Hirdmen.  The unit models are armed with hand weapons and shields and are fielded with chainmail.
I think anyone who follows this blog knows, I have my own particular way of painting my units.  First I clean the models, base them and then prime them grey and clean and prime again.

Then, what I like doing is partially painting them up in basic colours to get a feel for what I want and how I want the models to look.

Well, this is a good start to Phase Two.  See you in 7 for the next instalment.  Until then, farewell and good health to all.


Friday, May 5, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 1: Starter Set FINISHED

Hi everyone,

I have finally finished the Haqqislam starter set!  The last figure I needed to paint up was the  Taureg Sniper.

Well she is now ready and my core team is based and ready for action.  Now I just have to see what works; what doesn't work; and in what combinations!  That could be a series in itself.  I could call it Discovering Haqqislam!
Another little surprise I have is a whole bunch of scatter terrain.  I am building up for Operation Wotan, simply because I want my battle reports to have some substance and colour.  So the rest of the month I will be working exclusively on terrain.

So next week please tune in as I start building up these terrain pieces and putting paint to brush.

Until then farewell and good health.


Friday, April 28, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 1: Starter Set Part 3

Hi everyone

I got a lot of work done this week, and not just with this starter set.  I am also working on some terrain for Infinity:Operation Wotan and I will show it off gradually after this series of posts ends.

Well I have managed to finish up the fist  two miniatures from the last three.  These are the Zhayedan and the Khawarij.  I did these two together because they both have leather jackets that I worked on at the same time.

The first two pictures show the Zhayedan model in base colours.  This step is common in all the miniatures I paint.  This step helps me identify if the colours all fit well together.

The next step is adding highlights and shades to render it a bit and tie it all together.

The final results are below.  At this point I still have not added the Compass Bars to the models.  I will do that in the end for all three.

The Khawarij follows the same example. So I will only post the pictures of the finished product.

So next week it will be the Taureg Sniper from the set and a little surprise!  Until then farewell and good health from your friendly neighbour hobbyist.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 1: Starter Set Part 2

Hi everyone,

I have finished the Ghulam Infantry and as I write have already started with the three other figures in the set.

The Ghulam are the basic troops of Haqqislam ad in my opinion some of the nicest aw well.  They were the models that convinced me to go Haqqislam in fact! So I tried to do them justice.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I choose the same colour scheme as the box they came in.  This is not easy as they were painted by Giraldez, so I have a long way to go!

I also went with some resin bases and compass bars from Antenocitis Workshop, which I prefer over a desert base.  I will be playing mostly in cityscapes after all.

In the end, I think the work is presentable and neat enough, even though it is a long shot from the master - Angel Giradez.
The next three figures in the set are the Taureg, Zhayedan and Khawarijs. I have currently already given them a bases colour, but I think I will paint them up seperately.

Well that is all.  Join me in 7, for more from Infinity.  Farewell and good health from your regular wargaming blogger friend!



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