Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kings Of War: Converting my Dryads Part 3 - Forest Imps Conversion

Hi everyone,

Today's post is about the forest imps I started converting a couple of weeks back.  I began converting them from 15mm trolls, and on this post I am showing the finished conversions.

As you can see from the photos, I have converted two sub-species of forest imp, the scaly type with the big heads, and the more dryd-veiny type with the smaller heads.

Both types are ready for priming, and surprisingly enough they only took 2 two-hour sessions to sculpt up.

The pictures below show the forest imps primed up with the original miniature for comparison.  You can still see the original shape through the converting, but everyone of them is still a new figure.

The other figure I worked on for the dryad unit is the diminutive tree-man.  On this guy I only added some strength and bulk to the upper arms, then I primed it.  As it stands it is ready for painting.

That's all for this week, stay tuned for next week, but to be honest I do not know what I will post up?

Farewell and good health.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kings of War - Rebasing Skarloc's Archers

Hi everyone,

Today I continue with the re-basing of my old Wood Elves - although I prefer the term 'Old School' to simply 'old'.  Skarloc's archers by Jes Goodwin have always been my favourite unit, and I think they set the benchmark for what an elf should look like - in my mind at least.
Unlike my the previous Wood Elf spear unit by Grenadier, I did not want to multibase this unit as a regiment of 20 models.  I wanted to keep the option of fielding smaller troops of 10 models -  so I opted to form them up into 2 troop units.

This way I could field them in different formations; spread out their firepower a bit more evenly or even use them to support larger units.

So the first step was to trim their slot-bases and file them down.  I do this until they can stand on their own.  This way you do not have to hold them on the multibase until the glue dries.

Before gluing anything down it is wise to coat any wooden bases with a cellulose product like Dope.  This prevents the wood from warping if it ever gets into contact with water or humidity.  I give mine two coats for good measure.

The following steps are easy and have been dealt before in my previous post.  Add putty to even out the surface, paint and then glue on the tufts followed by the scatter material - in this case Forest in a Pot.

Viola! There you have it - two more units ready for KOW.  Now I have to get back to my Dryds.

That is all for today - see you in seven, until then farewell and good health.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kings of war: Rebasing Grenadier Wood Elves

Hi everyone,

I have been busy lately working with my Wood Elves for KOW.  If you have followed my blog, you know I am a convert to multi-bases, and I am slowly converting my army to these types of bases.

So the next to fall under my scrutiny are my unit of old Wood Elves from Grenadier Miniatures - now produced by Mirliton Miniatures.  These are some of my favourite Wood Elves.  They were sculpted by Mark Copplestone, and I have two more units that I still have to paint up.

The spears look more like long javelins, but other than that they are spot on in my book. The other units are sword elves (Can you say that?) and archers.  The only problem with these minis is that they come with a thick metal base.  Initially, I glued them to slotta bases, but this made them a bit too tall compared too the other units.

So I took the opportunity to take them off the black bases and glue them directly to the multi-base. The first step after that was to add putty around the bases to give an even ground texture.  Then I painted the base green.  I considered brown initially, but since I was not going to use static grass, I thought green would be a more practical choice - as you will see further on.

The next step was to add grass tufts.  I think tufts look better and more wild - while static grass has that lawn look to it. I added two or three from different batches to give it a random/forest like look.

When that was done I added some scatter material to fill up the empty areas.  The scatter matterial I used is Forest in a Pot.  This comes pre-mixed and is fairly nice looking.  My only complaint with it is that for the price I expected more. The pot seems more like a petri dish!

Well that does up another unit.  Now I have two small archer troops to base, but I will leave that for another post.

That is all for now.  See you in a few days.  Until then, farewell and good health.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kings Of War: Converting my Dryads Part 2 - Forest Imps!

Hi everyone,

So I have been working on several things this week, but I thought an update on the Dryads was in order.

Although summer is fast approaching, and with it the extra work load and heat, I still have managed to make one hour every day available for the hobby during the week. It is not easy keeping to this schedule but I have somehow managed to put these five hours in during the week.

The Forest Imps have been the focus of my latest endeavours.  They began 'life' as 15mm D&D trolls,  but I decided to turn them into forest  beings and use them as filler for my dryad unit.

The first step was to alter their poses.  At first I was going to cut them up and reposition them but then I noticed that they could be easily bended with a pair of pliers.
I have added some close-ups of the figures before and after for comparison.  The one on the left is the original form and the left is the modified position.

The next step was to add bits and parts from the Wood Elf Dryad sprue from GW and the first applications of putty. Here the figures begin to take life of their own.

The first two follow a similar pattern, with the bulk of the extra parts on their backs.

The second to also are similar in design with their upper heads changed with dryad heads.

Now I have to add more putty applications to blend and mold the figures to their final versions.

That's all for now.  Until net week, farewell and good health.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Merkava Diorama - Part 6 A Quick Update

Hi everyone,

A quick update on my Merkava diorama.  I have finally finished the turret and I will soon start on the figures.

I added some extra weathering on the scene with a bit of soot inside the building to simulate burning and give it that sense of abandonment.

I also added some vegetation which I also weather up somewhat.  I think it gives the whole scene some life.

The diorama is coming together, but I really need to get the figures done and move on to my next diorama!  I got stuck on this one to e honest and it is something I hate doing.

That is all for this week.  See you in seven, until then farewell and good health.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Merkava Diorama - Part 5

Hi everyone,

Today I have a short update about my long-abandoned Merkava diorama.  I remember I got stuck with the turret, so I had to put it aside.

I have manage to get around it now, so I decided to get back in to it.  It will be finished by the end of this month.

This week I worked on the base, adding shades and shading, besides washes and pigments.

I also added some of the little posters I had bought from Model Miniature Company from France. I have to admit the posters to add an extra bit of realism to the piece.

Next week I might continue with another post about this diorama, or I might show what I am doing with the 28mm Dryads for KOW.  Until then farewell and good health.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kings Of War: Converting my Dryads Part 1

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been playing Kings of War (KOW) on a regular basis with my 28mm Wood Elves and my 15mm and 10mm armies. So in the end I decided to convert my Wood Elves to the KOW format.  My army is all single figures which I move around in movement trays. 

Since I do not want to play anymore mass-battle-games where you have to remove single figures - I decided to take the plunge and re-base my elves in KOW style - with multi-bases!

The first unit I am going to work on are my Dryads. I have sixteen of the old GW dryads. Ten are painted and the other six are not.
At first I wanted to create a Hunters of the Wild troop of these models, but I have noticed that there were changes from the first edition Sylvan Kin unit from 25mm base size to 20mm base size.  What a bummer! Extra work!

I could not put ten models on a troop base.  You can put four instead of five models along the front rank, but you cannot fit a depth of two. They were just too big.  So I had to go for a regiment.

Altogether, you can fit 12 models on a regiment base, but I only had ten painted, and to be honest I think they look a bit boring with just dryads. 

So instead of painting up too more dryads, I opted for this guy.  It is an old treeman I have had laying around for years.  I can't even remember what company the model comes from. It is not very big for a treeman and too small for a Shamler. So I have decided to throw him in with the dryads, just to create interest.

This would bring the model count up to 11 models which is withing the legal limit for regiments.


The unit needs a leader, and it has one - the dryad with both fists raised - but with a frontage of 4 models his position as leader is visually muted. So I decided to remove a model from the front rank in order to give the leader a better visual presence.
I think the unit looks better, but now the model count is down to 10 models and the unit is a bit empty.  I admit this gave me pause and I had to rammage through my miniatures to find  a solution.

I found one with some 15mm trolls that I had stored up.  I never really liked these 15mm D&D style trolls and never used them, but I think with a bit of converting I can turn them into forest beings.
Also, the three level of sizes gives the unit a less regimented unit style and a more Hunters of the Wild look.  After all they are not spearmen trained in regiment drills!

Putting everything together, you can see that the unit has more interest than just dryads in ranks and files.  Now all I have to do is convert the trolls; paint up the remaining models and glue them all to one single base - and viola my first multi-base!

Once again I have come to the end of another post.  I will be back next weekend, so until then farewell and good health to all.



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