Friday, August 18, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: Shield Maidens FINISHED!

Hi everyone,

The last post of this series - YAHOO!  As you can see my viking force is now ready.
I chose two new figures to replace the other two with horned and winged helmets.

The first was from a company called BAD SQUIDDO and the other was another scratch built figure from a naked nymph from FOUNDRY MINIATURES.

The one with the spear is the one I scratch built and the other is the one I bought.

Below is a quick photo collage of the procedure the scratch built figure went through.
I really like how the work turned out in the scratch built figures.  Below is a photo of how they turned out side by side.

Next week I will post something a bit different.  So see you in seven.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Shield Maidens pt.7

Hi everyone,

So today I start the last four miniatures of my Viking force for SAGA.  This will close the second phase of the project.

Now just to let you know in advance, I made a few small changes to the last four figures which you will see in the next and last blog on this series.

Nonetheless, to begin with let me introduce the last four figures I needed to paint.

As you can see I decided to paint them up normally, in fact I also primed them up, but something was not right.

The first two figures in the lineup, that is the one with the winged helmet, and the second with the horned helmet were just not really historical correct enough.

This really, really nagged at me until I decided that I had to change them from the original lineup.  Now this was not easy as the fat, horned lady is one of my favourite figures in my viking force.

So I decided to look for different figures that were a bit more historical in appearance.  In the meantime I painted up the last two which I present above.

Join me net week for the last post as I present the last two figures and a final conclusion to this project.

Until then farewell and good health to one and all.


Friday, August 4, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Shield Maidens pt.6

Hi everyone,

Another short post.  I have finished painting up the second two shield maidens from the first four.

I am liking to the look of them within the army.  I was tempted to do more work on them, but that would have made them stand out too much.  They are gaming pieces and part of my force so they need to blend in.  Therefore, I kept the style similar to my other viking warriors.

That is it for today, next week I start the last four miniatures of my phase two viking project.  Wish me luck! Until then farewell and good health.


Friday, July 28, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Shield Maidens pt.5

Hi everyone

Well now that the shield maidens are ready for painting I chose 4 of them and started the slow process of painting them up to standard with the rest of my Vikings.

Now I am not going to go into a lot of detail with these posts as the procedure is the same as the rest of the army.  So I will just be showing you the first 4 models and then the end result of the ones I have worked on.  Hopefully it will be over in a few posts  and then I can move on to something else.

So the first two models are painted up.  I have not added any flock or basing materials as of yet.  I will do that step when all the miniatures are painted up and get a group photo for your perusal.

Come back net week as I continue the work on this unit.  Until then farewell and good health.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Shield Maidens pt.4

Hi everyone,

Today I continue the process of sculpting the nymph into an awesome shield maiden warrior!

Now after I finished the clothing, belts and leggings it was time to move on to the rest.

The net step was to add details to the clothing like fur and and extra belting, as well as a helmet I cut of a plastic dark age warrior.

The final step was to add the weapons and tidy everything out.  This is the most time consuming step as it takes a lot of measuring.

I remember telling you that I had bought a dark age plastic sprue for the shields.  I thought that the ones that come with the Foundry figures were a bit too bulky for the shield maidens.  As it urns out I found the plastic shields to thin and fiddly and in the end went with the metal ones.  Once again I had to pin them in place or they would easily come off.

The unit is now ready for painting.  I will paint them in blocks of four like I did with the rest of the Viking warriors.  This allows me to break down the work  into manageable parts and helps to keep me motivated as I see the unit build up steadily.

Until then farewell and good health to one and all!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Shield Maidens pt.3

Hi everyone

In this post I tackle some of the sculpting and modeling to some of the shield maidens.  The idea is to cover up some of the nudity in the models. 
As I mentioned in the last post, I am not a prude or a puritan when it comes to little tin men or women,, but I just don't feel comfortable playing in front of children (yeah, maybe I am a bit prudish)

With the first two miniatures starting from the left all I had to do was add chainmail to the bare areas.  This is a very straight forward process involving a sawed off hypodermic needle.

The third mode was a bit more demanding but the most enjoyable to work on.  The model is from the old Nymph range from Foundry Miniatures.  The first thing I did was cut of the legs and half of the head and added leggings and a helmet.

The second step is to add the basic clothes to the model starting with the belt.  The lower legs come from the dark age plastic sprue in the previous post.

Unfortunately due to time restrictions I will have to cut this part of the post into two, but join me next week as I continue on the last few steps of my Viking journey. Until then farewell and good health.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Shield Maidens pt.2

Hi everyone,

So, I have begun work on my Shield Maidens,  and I have to admit they will certainly be my favourite unit in saga!

I have finally narrowed down the miniatures to 8.  The choice was rather hard as I like them all, but I had to let 2 of them go.  I finally decided to put aside the fat lady who looks like she is singing in a German opera and one of the nude nymphs.
That leaves me with 5 dressed models and 3 undressed.  I went ahead and based the first five models and added the shields; pinning them down securely to prevent them from coming off.  This is by far the most annoying part of the process and I am glad this is the last unit  have to add shields too.
Join me next week when I start dressing up the nudes.  Until then farewell and good health.



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