Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eaglemoss Wolverine: Part 4 - Update

Hi everyone,

Today I have a quick update regarding my ongoing Wolverine project.  Even though you might think I am dragging my feet with this one, the truth is a completely different picture.

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to finish this, other projects took precedence.  Rather than rushing through this model and making a mess of things, I took the decision to work on it, on the side, at a pace that would bring good results.  After all, the objective was to make the figure look better than the way I bought it.  I think the goal is slowly being achieved.

I have finally finished painting up the wall section that I built.  All it needs now are a few more details, which I will do after I finish painting up the model.

The next part I needed to do work on was the base.  Nothing special, as this base is a stock base bought from Andrea Miniatures.  What I needed to do was add some felt underneath and attach the label of authenticity that comes with the original model in the form of a sticker.

Attaching this sticker is a very important thing to do.  The reason is that it was sold as a collectable item and hence proves that the model is not a copy.  Even though I am not interested in the value of the collectable, I like to know that it is an original, albeit badly made original.
Finally I did some work on the model itself.  In previous articles, I mentioned  that this model was badly cast and I also posted pictures proving this.  The paint job has helped to cover up a lot of the defects and helped to better show the work of the sculptor.

The first step was to choose the basic colours of the model and  paint it up respectfully.  I like doing this.  It gives me a better view of how the model will end up once finished.
Over the week I have slowly painted up the highlights ad shadows of the skin parts, as well as the yellow and blue of the suit.  Today I have just finished the black part of the mask. 

What is left are the gloves and the boots and then he will be ready to attach to the base.
Once again that is all for this week.  I will be back next weekend with another post, but I am not sure what to post next.  It will be either the beginning of another series of articles or the conclusion of this one.  Only time will tell.

Until then farewell and good health to one and all.



Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review - The T-Pea Hunchback

Hi everyone,

It's time for a new review for my 15mm sci-i army.  Today I will be talking about Antenocitis'  T-Pea Hunchback APC.

The model comes in a plastic blister  pack. They are like the Spartan Games' blister packs; that is they open from the back and are not permanently sealed.

The quality of the model is high, with hardly any seam lines or flash.  The details are crisp and the resin used is of high standard.  The only quarrel I have is the baby blue colour of the resin, but this is just a matter of personal choice and should not really impact my judgment of the model.

The T-Pea Hunchback kit also comes with alternate turrets to choose from.  You can opt for the dual short range missiles or AA missile pods + chain Guns.  This is a very nice option from Antenocitis.

There is one problem with this model and it is the way the kit is put together. The T-Pea comes in more than 9 parts (depending on the turret choice), which is rather high compared to other models in the same category. Unfortunately , my critique does not stop there. Most of the components are the wheels.  There are six altogether and they connect from the end of the  wheel-shaft into a shallow slot in the centre of the wheel.

The design allows for a pretty weak build. I think the team at Antenocitis did not really think this through properly.  The fineness of the shafts makes it 
difficult to correct, fix or replace.  One suggestion I heard was to glue the model  onto a base to give it extra support.

If anyone knows how to get a stronger construction build for this model, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Where scale is concerned, the model is spot on.  You can see a comparison with some 15mm models and the Nemesis Light recon vehicle by Clear Horizon miiatures. The T-Pea can take an eight man-sized squad, but it would be a tight fit.

Overall, I like the model, and I will buy several more for specific use with my Engineer platoons.  At first I admit I was a bit disappointed with the wheels, but I like the design so much that I have now overlooked the wheel problem. I will just have to find a way to make them sturdier - even it it takes more work.

If you ask me whether or not you should buy this model, I admit I have mixed feelings. I think that there are models just as good looking as the T-Pea, but with less construction hassles.

Therefore, if you are not ready to invest some time, then I would look for something different.  The good news is you will not have to look far, because Antenocitis have another APC which is a winner in my book.  It is the Kabardin, and it will be the subject of my next review.

Once again, I come to the end of another post, and all I have left to say is farewell and good health from your fellow modeller and wargamer.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dystopian Wars: The Fresnel

Hi everyone,

Today I display the last unit in my recent army-painting-push for the Covenant of Antarctica (COA).  The ships are called the Fresnels, and they are the 'new' gunships of the army.  I say new because their role and unit size has changed in the last iteration of the rules. They were fielded in units of one to three models before, but the size has been downgraded up to two models per unit. 

The painting process is the same as the other medium ships I have painted up, except for the colour choice. This time around I went for traditional yet brighter hues. Since I have three models I went ahead and painted them all up, even though I need only two.  I decided that instead of trying to sell the third ship for a fraction of the price, I might as well paint it and field it as a unit of one if the occasion ever arises.

Their weaponry consists of a complex lens array that focuses the energy weapons of the Fresnel into devastating blasts from across huge distances.  Therefore I wanted the energy effects to stand out on these models, hence the heavy use of green and green washes.

So that is what I have been up to (for now) with the COA, but before we go our separate ways, a parting shot of all the units I have painted up over the last two months.  Looking at them you might not think I have painted up a lot, but truth be told, I think I have managed a small miracle here.  I say this because when you take into consideration my technique, the fact that I am a slow painter by nature, and my constant war to make time for my hobby - then it is clear these models were finished due to divine intervention!
Next week I have a model review for another 15mm vehicle.  Until then, farewell and good health.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dystopian Was: Callimachus Time Orb

Hi everyone,

My next unit for Dystopian Wars are the Callimachus Time Orbs.  These time warping and teleporting behemoths of the COA are the pet project of Lord Leonidas.

They are without a doubt one of the most characteristic units in a COA army, but once again, I have never used them well.  I have two as you can see in the picture.  I bought them at a 50% sale from Firestorm Games a few years back.  I have never fielded more than one in any game, but I decided to paint them both up at the same time.
I decided to go with a more sober camo-scheme with these ships.  First of all, they are the brainchild of scientists - so a dose of seriousness was in order here. Also they are large capitol class ships, unlike my smalls which I give a more fanciful colour pattern.  
I want to talk about how I did the water effects for the Callimachus bases.  The bases were first painted a dark blue and blended in with light blues.  Then I added Vallejo'sAtlantic Blue water effects on the ridges o the wave sculpting.

The next step was to mix up some snow powder I bought from my hobby store (the brand is not important) and I mixed it up with some heavy gel gloss medium and applied several layers after letting the previous dry.

The final touch was to paint fine white dots along the ridges just to accentuate the foam and spray.  Overall I think the effect is cool.
Next week I will post up the latest unit I have finished for my COA - that is the mighty Fresnels.  Until then farewell and good health.


Monday, March 30, 2015

Dystopian Wars: Thales Corvette

Hi everyone,

As this is the year of army building (or completing) for me, I have embarked on a push to finish up my Dystopian War Naval force before buying anything new.  So the next two weeks will be dedicated to Dystopian War articles.

The first squad I have worked on are the Thales corvettes - the small and fast unit of my Covenant of Antarctica army.  Like most of my smalls I wanted a more exotic/in-your-face approach, so I decided on a very bright scheme.

Like always, I primed the models in black and base coated with white. The next step was to mask the models for the first colour which was red. 

Now, just for the record, most of my friends disapprove of my choice of colours, but I stood non apologetic in this case and went straight on with my mad idea of a colour scheme.  The next colour after red was a nice medium blue  for the sides.
Not happy with just red and blue, I also decided to line the red with yellow!, but enough of my ramblings.  Here are two photos of the finished products.

Well that is all for this week, next week I will come with the Fresnels.  So until then, farewell and good health.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Eaglemoss Wolverine: Part 3

Hi everyone,

I have finally finished the corner for the diorama.  As with most of my work, I enjoy the construction part more than the actual painting - but paint I must!, but that is for another post.

As you can see, the sides and part of the brick work is covered in Das clay (an air-drying clay) and once dried, more Das was added to fill in the seams.

The pictures below show the finished corner with all the details added.  These details were made from balsa wood and plastic card and tubes.  All I have to do now is the pavement, but that will come at a later stage.

In the last picture I place Wolverine next to the corner, just so you guys can get an idea of the size.  By-the-way, the Wolverine model is now with its base colours (black, blue and yellow) and I will be posting this in part 4 shortly.

Once again, that is all for the time being.  See you all soon, but till then farewell and good health.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Zenos - all systems go!

Hi everyone,

The title says it all!  Last week was spent painting up my Zeno unit for Dystopian Wars and today I have the pleasure of posting them.  I will not go into detail as to how I painted them as the procedure is the same with my other models.  It is just the colours that vary not the technique used.

As you can see the colour scheme is a bit different from the other models in the force.  This is completely intentional, as I want a more eclectic approach to the colour scheme.  Let me explain further. I don't want all my models and units to have the same scheme in order to define them as a collective force, rather I want the style to define them even though the patterns might vary.

Whether or not I have managed is up to you to decide, but frankly I think I have come close!

Well that is all for know, until next time farewell and good health.



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